The Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society


SERMACS 2012 14-17 November 2012 Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, North Carolina

Welcome Reception Featuring the NC Distinguished Speaker Award and the 126th NC-ACS Local Section Conference Meeting

Wednesday, November 14, 2012, Raleigh Convention Center


5:00 pm – 6:45 pm: Posters and poster judging, and a mix and mingle with hors d'oeuves and refreshments

6:45 pm - 7:00 pm: Presentation of awards, and recognition of ACS Fellows, Undergraduate Scholarship winners, and 50+year ACS members

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm: NC ACS Distinguished Lecture, given by Jane and Dave Richardson of Duke University on “Admiring, Analyzing, and Improving 3D Structures of Macromolecules”

Special Conferences

This year's SERMACS is pleased to feature the two special conferences below. SERMACS 2012 is a great opportunity to connect with fellow scientists and learn about the latest developments from all three organizations. Registration for SERMACS 2012 includes all 3 conferences.

The Center for Solar Fuels (UNC EFRC) Conference

The Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) and Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) at UNC-Chapel Hill will co-host a scientific meeting titled "Photonic Assemblies, Materials, and Catalysts for Solar Fuels"

Summary Schedule

Wed. p.m., November 14: Photonic Assemblies for Solar Fuels Symposia and Poster Session

Thurs. a.m., November 15: Catalysts for Solar Fuels Symposia and Poster session

Thurs. p.m., November 15: Materials for Solar Fuels Symposia and Poster session

The 41st Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference (SEMRC)

15 – 17 November 2012

Welcome to the 41st Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference at SERMACS 2012. The SEMRC has a long history of bringing together leading scientists to discuss the latest developments in NMR, EPR, and MRI. Traditionally, the SEMRC puts a special emphasis on the participation of young scientists (students and postdocs) and provides excellent opportunities to exchange new exciting results with their peers as well as with the leaders in the field. The scientific program will include plenary lectures from leading scientists in the nation and talks from established and young investigators.

Summary Schedule:

Thurs., November 15: Symposium dedicated to the memory of Edward Stejskal

Fri., November 16: Solid-state NMR/Solution NMR/EPR Symposia and Poster Session

Sat., November 17: Solid state NMR/EPR/MRI Symposia and Poster Session

Frontiers of Chemistry and Medicine

15-16 November

Invited Symposia

The exciting invited symposia planned for SERMACS 2012 are summarized below. Click here to see all the details including symposia organizers and invited speakers.

Symposium Title
Speakers Planned

Chirality in Agrochemicals

Steve McCall (BASF)
Elin Ulrich (US EPA)
Sponsored by BASF Crop Protection
Dr. Elin Ulrich - EPA, RTP
Dr. John Kenneke - EPA, Athens
Dr. Markus Radzom - BASF, Germany
Dr. Wayne Garrison - EPA, Athens
Dr. Jim Hetrick - EPA, D.C.

PAT and Chemometrics

Frank Vogt (UT-Knoxville)
Sponsored by Mettier Toledo Autochem
Renee Jiji - U. Missouri
Rick McGill - Eastman Chemical
Randy Bishop - Eigenvector, Inc.
Steve Hammond - Pfizer
Frank Vogt - UT Knoxville
Simon Rea – Mettler Toledo Autochem

Mass Spectrometry Session 1: Clinical Diagnosis

Russ Grant (LabCorp)
Gary Glish (UNC Chapel Hill)
Dr David Millington - Duke
Dr Matthew McMullin - NMS
Dr Russell Grant - LabCorp
Dr Andrew Hoofnagle - U Wash.

Mass Spectrometry Session 2: New applications and strategies using Ambient ionization Methods

Jon Williams (GlaxoSmithKline)
Gary Glish (UNC Chapel Hill)
Graham Cooks - Purdue
Fecundo Fernandez - GA Tech
Gary van Berkel - ORNL
Dave Muddiman - NCSU

Mass Spectrometry Session 3: Mass Spectrometry instrumentation and applications for the future

Gary Glish (UNC Chapel Hill)
Supported by ThermoFisher Scientific
Graham Cooks - Purdue
Richard Vachet - UMass
John McLean - Vanderbilt
Desmond Kaplan - Bruker Daltonics
Philip Remes - Thermo Fisher
Samantha Isenberg - UNC

Mass Spectrometry Session 4: Emerging Environmental Contaminants: Advanced Mass Spectrometry Tools for Understanding their Fate and Transport

Susan Richardson
Gary Glish (UNC Chapel Hill)
Mark Strynar - EPA - RTP, NC
Lee Ferguson - Duke
Ralph Mead – UNC Wilmington
Dalizza Colon - USEPA, Athens, GA
Cristina Postigo, CSIC, Spain

SEMRC Symposium dedicated to the memory of Edward Stejskal
15 November

Sponsored by NCSU Dept. of Chemistry, Doty Scientific, Bruker BioSpin
Jacob Schaefer - Washington University
Charles Johnson – UNC Chapel Hill
Robert Tycko - NIH
James Prestegard – Univ. of Georgia
Matthew Merritt - UT Southwestern Medical Center

SEMRC Invited Speakers
16-17 November
Membrane Proteins and Peptides
Structure and Dynamics by NMR/EPR
New NMR/EPR Methods

Sponsored by NCSU Dept. of Chemistry, Doty Scientific
Supported by Bruker Biospin EPR, North Carolina Biotechnology Center, National High Field Magnet Laboratory, Cryogenic Limited, Norell, Wilmad Lab Glass, Sigma Aldrich Isotec, New Era Enterprises, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
Gary Pielak - UNC Chapel Hill
Timothy Cross – Florida State Univ.
Andrew Lee - UNC Chapel Hill
Vladimir Ladizhansky - University of Guelph
Gail Fanucci – Univ of Florida
Rosa Tamara Branca – UNC Chapel Hill
Gary Brudvig – Yale University
Sunil Saxena – Univ. of Pittsburgh
Kurt Warncke - Emory University
Sharon Campbell - UNC Chapel Hill
Tanja Mittag - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Naresh Dalal – Florida State Univ.
Pei Zhou – Duke Univ. Medical Center

Separation Science in the Macro(molecular), Micro(bial) and Nano (particle) World

Christa Colyer (Wake Forest)
Sponsored by Ameritox
Linda B. McGown, RPI
Qian Wang, Univ. S. Carolina
James P. Landers, UVA
James Jorgenson, UNC
Xiangchun Xuan, Clemson
Christa Colyer, Wake Forest
Greg McIntire, Ameritox

Symposium Honoring Royce W. Murray Session 1

Lloyd Horne (UNC) Supported by Pine Research Instrumentation, Gamry Instruments, CH Instruments, ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry
Alessa Gambardella, UNC
Joe Roberts, UNC
Joe Tracy, NCSU
Gangli Wang, Georgia State University
Amala Dass, Ole Miss
Leslie Sombers, NCSU
Michael Heien, Univ. Arizona
Radha Pyati, Univ. North Florida
Jeff Long, Navel Research Lab.

Symposium Honoring Royce W. Murray Session 2

Lloyd Horne (UNC) Supported by Pine Research Instrumentation, Gamry Instruments, CH Instruments, ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry
Frank Zamborini, Univ. of Louisville
David Cliffel, Vanderbilt
Robin McCarley, LSU
Stephen Creager, Clemson
Jonathon Sweedler, Univ. of Illinois
Plenary Lecture
Royce W. Murray, UNC Chapel Hill

Chemistry of Bio-Nano Interfaces

Yaroslava Yingling (NCSU)
Alex Smirnov (NCSU)
Prof. Meenakshi Dutt, Rutgers University
Prof. Hendrick Heinz, University of Akron
Dr. Joseph Thomas, BD Technologies
Prof. Frank Alexis, Clemson University
Prof. David Cliffel, Vanderbilt University
Prof. Albena Ivanisevic, NCSU
Prof. Linda Peteanu, Carnegie Mellon University

Chemical Biology: Chemical Answers to Biological Questions

Alex Deiters (NCSU) Sponsored by ACS Division of Organic Chemistry, NCSU Dept. of Chemistry
Supported by North Carolina Biotechnology Center, CEM, GlaxoSmithKline, ACS Division of Biological Chemistry, Glen Research
Dennis Liotta, Emory
Kate Caroll, Scripps
Christian Melander, NCSU
William Roush, Scripps
Rebecca Alexander, Wake Forest
Stephen Frye, UNC Chapel Hill
Bill Zuercher, GlaxoSmithKline
Qian Wang, U South Carolina Wendy Kelly, GA Tech
Dewey McCafferty, Duke

Scanning Force Microscopy in Biology: New Tricks and New Insights

Dorothy Erie (UNC Chapel Hill) Supported by Asylum Research
David Dunlap, Emory
Yuri Lyubchenko, U. Nebraska Medical School
Sanjeevi Sivasankar, Iowa State
Hong Wang, NCSU
Dorothy Erie, UNC

Project SEED Best Practices: What Works?

Al Tonelli (NCSU) Sponsored by NIEHS and SERMACS
Supported by ACS Innovative Projects Grants
Ted Burkey – University of Memphis
Thomas Schmedake – UNC Charlotte
Ishrat Kahn – Clark Atlanta University
Kenneth Cutler – NC-ACS Project SEED

Innovations in Molecular Modeling: New Tools and Applications

Don Brenner (NCSU)
Judith Harrison - USNA
Steven Stuart - Clemson
Leo Zhigilei - UVA
Celeste Sagui - NCSU
Susan Sinnott - UFL
David McDowell - GA Tech

The Growing Impact of Public Domain Chemistry Resources

Antony Williams (Royal Society of Chemistry)
Sean Ekins (Collaborations in Chemistry)
Sean Ekins – Collaborations in Chemistry
Antony Williams – Royal Society of Chemistry
Ann Richards - EPA
Frank Switzer - FDA
Alexy Clark - Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc
Ken Karapetyan - Royal Society of Chemistry, Cheminformatics
Valery Tkachenko - Royal Society of Chemistry, Cheminformatics
Evan Bolton - NIH
Andy Fant – UNC Chapel Hill

Mass Spectrometry Informatics - Static Knowledge or Driving New Scientific Innovations?

Antony Williams (Royal Society of Chemistry)
Mark Bayliss (Virscidian)
Keynote: Corey Dehaven - Metabolon

Atmospheric Chemistry-Gas-Particle Interactions and Climate Change

RKM Jayanty (RTI International)
Sponsored by RTI International
Keynote: Vicki Grassian, U. Iowa
Rodney Weber, GA Tech
Paul Wine, GA Tech
Jason Surratt, UNC
Kenneth Sexton, UNC
Viney Aneja, NCSU
Elliot Atlas, Miami

The Exposome

James Swenberg (UNC Chapel Hill)
Martyn Smith, UC Berkeley
Steven Tannenbaum, MIT
Jerry Thomas, CDC
James Swenberg, UNC Chapel Hill

EFRC/SERC - Photonic Assemblies for Solar Fuels

Tom Meyer (UNC Chapel Hill)
Marcey Waters, UNC Chapel Hill
Niels Damrauer, University of Colorado
Greg Scholes, University of Toronto
Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, Penn State
George Schatz, Northwestern University

EFRC/SERC - Catalysts for Solar Fuels

Tom Meyer (UNC Chapel Hill)
Karen Brewer, Virginia Tech
Etsuko Fujita, Brookhaven Nat. Lab
Craig Hill, Emory University
Cynthia Schauer, UNC Chapel Hill

EFRC/SERC - Materials for Solar Fuels

Tom Meyer (UNC Chapel Hill)
Frank Osterloh, UC Davis
Bruce Parkinson, University of Wyoming
Paul Hoertz, RTI International
Heinz Frei, Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab
Anders Hagfeldt, Uppsala University

Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Ahmed El-Shafei (NCSU)
Mostafa El-Sayed, GA Tech
Masato Maitani, Tokyo Inst. Technology
Elena Jakubikova, NCSU
Mark Thomas, Dyesol
Kevin Chou, Everlight R&D Center
Fadi Jradi, GA Tech
Liqiang Lang, UNC

Recent Advances in Micro- and Nanofabrication

Derek Schorzman (Liquidia Technologies)
Ginger Rothrock (RTI International)
Supported by Liquidia and RTI International
Prof. Jay Guo, University of Michigan
David Arther, Southwestern Nanotechnologies
Prof. Stefan Zauscher, Duke Univ.
Dr. Ben Maynor, Liquidia Technologies
Chris Bower, Semprius, Inc.
Dr. Lynn Davis, RTI International

Frontiers in Chemistry and Medicine Session 1: The Impact of Medicinal Chemistry on Infectious diseases

Brian Johns (GlaxoSmithKline)
Katherine Widdowson (GlaxoSmithKline) Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline
Alan Price, GSK
Chris Roberts, GSK
Takashi Kawasuji, Shionogi & Co. Ltd, Japan
Justin Montgomery, Pfizer Inc.

Frontiers in Chemistry and Medicine Session 2: Process Improvement of API and Green Chemistry

Mike McClure (GlaxoSmithKline)
Vassil Elitzin (GlaxoSmithKline) Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline
Andreas Bommarius, GA Tech
Daniel Fandrick, Boehringer Ingelheim
Daniel Weix, University of Rochester
William Kiesman, Biogen Idec

Frontiers in Chemistry and Medicine Session 3: Novel Approaches for Peptide Drug Discovery

Michael Bishop (GlaxoSmithKline)
Ved Srivastava (GlaxoSmithKline)
Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline
Chris Holmes, Affymax Inc
Philip Dawson, The Scripts Research Institute
Mark Currie, Ironwood Inc
Tomi Sawyer, Aileron Inc

Frontiers in Chemistry and Medicine Session 4: Drug Delivery - Biologics and Small Molecules

Samuel Lai (UNC Chapel Hill)
Charles Gersbach (Duke University) Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline
Ashutosh Chilkoti, Duke
Peter Mack, Liquidia Inc
Tejal Desai, University of California San Francisco
Qi Lu, McColl-Lockwood Laboratory

Fungi: Organic Chemists in Culture

Nick Oberlies (UNC Greensboro)
Cedric Pearce (Mycosynthetix) Sponsored by ACS Division of Organic Chemistry
Supported by Mycosynthetix, Teledyne ISCO
Robert Cichewicz, Un. Oklahoma
Roy Carver, Un. Iowa
Elizabeth Arnold, Univ. Arizona
Jeffrey Wright, UNC-Wilmington

Chemistry and Applications of 'Smart' Molecules and Materials

Steve Craig (Duke University)
Kathy Franz (Duke University)
Colin Nuckolls - Columbia
Valerie Shears Ashby - UNC
Mike Serpe - U. Alberta
Ron Castellano - U. Florida
Tim Hanks - Furman
Ben Maynor - Liquidia
Elizabeth Harbon - William and Mary


Malcolm Forbes (UNC Chapel Hill) Sponsored by the Physical Chemistry Division of the ACS and the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the ACS
Tom Meyer, UNC
Jim McCusker, MSU
Mike Therien, Duke
Paul Angiolillo, St. Joseph's Univ (PA)
Phil Castellano, Bowling Green State Univ.
Darlene Taylor, NCCU
Elena Jakubikova, NCSU

Surface Modifications for Catalysis and Energy

Julie Willoughby (NCSU)
Jesse Jur (NCSU) Supported by MeadWestvaco
Jennifer Becker, Chemical Sciences Division, U.S. Army Research Office
R. Andrews, U. Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Ann Norris, Dow Corning
Christopher T. Williams, Univ. South Carolina

Chemistry and Application of Colorants in the 21st Century

Renzo Shamey (NCSU)
Harold Freeman (NCSU)
Robert Christie, UK
Harold Freeman, US
Peter Hauser, US
Henry Boyter, US
David Hinks, US

Entrepreneurial Chemistry Academic/Industry Interactions

Shri Kulkarni (Kultech)
Sohrab Habibi (UNC Chapel Hill) Supported by ACS Division of Small Chemical Business, ACS Local Section Corporate Grants
Russell Thomas, NCSU
Dr. Chris Oldham, Vapor-Pulse Technologies
Roger Debo, NCSU
Bhaskar Venepalli, CiVentiChem
Ronda Closener, First Flight Venture Center, NC
Hugh Dawson, Innovalyst, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Mukund Chorghade,THINQ Pharma, ACS-SCHB
Buck Goldstein, UNC Chapel Hill
Shri Thanedar, Avomeen Analytical Services
Dr. Yves Ribeill, SCYNEXIS, RTP, NC
Christian Melander, NCSU/Agile Science

Frontiers in Nucleic Acid Chemistry

David Graves (U Alabama)
Supported by Bruker BioSpin
It's an RNA World
Nucleic Acid Damage and Repair
It's Not Your Watson and Crick Nucleic Acids Anymore

General Sessions

  • A full set of general sessions is planned to complement the invited symposia.
  • Visit the ACS PACS system to see all the sessions.

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